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Hobart unites behind soccer players' battle for rights to share stadium revenue

As an 18-year-old fan of New South Wales's football, you'd never have known how much cricket was on offer in Hobart.

But a recent survey by the Federation found a strong link between the size of its local population and the level of its cricket facilities €” the most common reason given by fans to justify why the state plays so many matches.

The survey found that an estimated one-quarter of Hobart's 18, 000 people were on foot or bike, or had a bicycle, a scooter or a walker to get about. A fifth of the population walked to work or school, a sixth took public transport, and an astonishing 60 per cent took buses.

And that includes almost one-third of the population of Hobart's 1.2 million residents.

A lot of people want to get away from Melbourne. People like to live in Hobart. We've got a cricket team, Hobart Cricket Club €” this is the real issue €” and we've got a fantastic sporting area. Adam Scott

"People want to get away from Melbourne, " Adam Scott, Hobart's chief executive officer, told the Sunday Telegraph at the launch of a five-year partnership that will see the state host the 2019 World Cup.

"We've got a lot of people who get their holiday homes here, and they also enjoy walking to work. And then there are people who come here for a weekend at Christmas or for their kids."

New South Wales rugby league captain Matt Moylan believes his side will be back in the World Cup final

Moylan, who played for the Brisbane Broncos in the NSW state league until he was 18, believes his team will have a huge impact on the state's rugby league fortunes.

And while the club's plans are yet to be finalised, the prospect of the sport returning home to Hobart is already beginning to raise some flags.

"It's exciting. It's a long term investment because the game's growing, " Moylan said.

"It's really starting to pay off and the game's growing a lot. It's going to be a very interesting time.

"To see the number of people who go for a footy game at a young age, and the amount of activity that happens and the numbers of people taking time off work to play a game or watch games on television, it's an exciting time for Hobart."

And it is a time of increasing interest in cricket.

Moylan says he knows a thing or two about the sport's popularity. He was a member of the Australian team in the 2007 World Cup when the Australians went on t


Blues down bombers and Redwings? No problem!

And you knew it too, the big guys...

Who'd the Red Wings want next to me in our meeting room? It sure was fun going through the crowd!

It's the playoffs! The last day of the playoffs! What are we going to do?

Just win more and more!

If I have to go through every team and decide how to play, I could say nothing but, "I'm going to play this team like they are..."

Yes, we had fun when we were doing this, but that was only because everyone was having a great time.

We just went out like anyone else. You never know. Maybe you will get lucky and play well enough to get the whole team to sign you, and get on the Stanley Cup-winning team.

Oh, you want to talk about the big fish? The Big Bad is just as big and tougher to deal with as those other guys. And if the Big Bad isn't getting his fair shake, you're right!

They all think it's fun to talk trash when it really is nothing but a game of "get the puck, get into the rush..." But if they can play well enough for me to give my big, loud head a try, I could talk about it.

The "big" men have gotten into the game. A lot of players aren't used to it and they don't care about doing things like that. But if you make a habit of talking bad about the bad, it makes people go to you when you don't want to talk with them. So you can't really play bad or talk bad with those guys.

Then there's the coach. There is something special about watching a guy who knows how to build up a team and create momentum and trust...and then in his last game as a coach, he didn't do that to the players and the coaches, he did it to himself! (Huge laugh from the audience)

And of course, he has to win. As long as you have trust, you won't be scared off of a good game by any opponent. I know he didn't want to get fired in the league as much as any of us did, and I know he wouldn't be the coach of the Red Wings if he didn't want to win. And after seeing what he did, I can see why you believe he might have...

It won't be the last time, right? It's a long year to be a coach, and I have only got so much time to win a lot of games... And that's why this season I'm so excited. The only thing worse than losing you
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